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Title: Artistic symbols in short stories: myth or reality
Authors: Gladio S.V.
Keywords: symbols, artistic symbols, symbolism, literary code, symbolic elements of literary texts, the reader.
Date of publication: 2021-03-22 10:01:08
Last changes: 2021-03-22 10:01:08
Year of publication: 2020
Summary: Symbols convey a deep and almost instinctive meaning to people. Whether being seen as religious, ideological or cultural, symbols make up the very fabric of identity and, thus, are regarded as a basic system of human expression. Symbolism in literature being perceived as a code is a necessity for several significant reasons: first, symbols convey an indefinite range of meanings, second, they are keys to encoding the pre-existing author’s story, and, finally, they are deciphering means the reader uses to transpose back the original meaning, Consequently, symbols that are laconic, and yet fully laden, concrete and slightly mysterious are the essence to interpreting a work of art specifically.
The objectives of the article are: to find out key reasons for symbolizing and focus on the functions the symbolic elements employed that may or seem to perform as such in the text, to look into the techniques writers tend to use to convey the meaning of their symbols, and research what the general literary impact of the text with symbolic elements is. The results of the verbal exploration are shown in an attempt to understand the scheme of symbols’ “appearance” – namely how certain elements of the text become symbolic, or rather perceived as the ones by the reader.
Publication type: Стаття у нефаховому виданні
Publication: Соціально-політичні, економічні та гуманітарні виміри європейської інтеграції України: зб. наук. пр. VIIІ Міжнар. наук.-практ. конф., м. Вінниця, 03 черв. 2020 р. Вінниця : Редакційно-видавничий відділ ВТЕІ КНТЕУ, 2020. Ч. 4. С.178-187.
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