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Title: Information technologies for the control and assessment of knowledge in the system of moodle
Authors: Гусак Л. П.
Keywords: distance learning, automated control of knowledge, information technology test generation, Moodle, mathematical formulas.
Date of publication: 2021-06-15 11:56:19
Last changes: 2021-06-15 11:56:19
Year of publication: 2021
Summary: Suggests approaches to solving the problems to develop information technologies create test tasks and tests for mathematical education discipline on an example of discipline «Probability theory and mathematical statistics» an electronic distance-learning system Moodle.
Publication type: Тези доповіді
Publication: Математика та інформатика у вищій школі: виклики сучасності: зб. тез ІІІ Міжнародної наук.-практ. Інтернет-конференції. Вінниця, 2021. P. 204-207
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