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Title: Formation of positive motivation for philologists-translators by means of distance technologies
Authors: Бондар Н.Д.
Keywords: educational component, distance education, educative process, positive motivation, students of philology specialties, means of distance technologies, practical course of translation, the first foreign language
Date of publication: 2022-01-18 14:22:25
Last changes: 2022-01-18 14:22:25
Year of publication: 2021
Summary: Abstract. The article analyzes the scientific and pedagogical research on the problem of implementing distance technologies in order to train specialists of philological specialties in higher educational institutions.
The possibility of application means of modern distance learning technologies for the purpose of professionally directed foreign language training of philologists-translators is substantiated.
The problem of innovative technologies development in education and didactic bases of their introduction is described. It is proved that this issue remains relevant and requires careful research, as well as contributes to the development and active implementation of distance learning as one of the promising areas of continuing education, based on the widespread usage of modern information technology.
It is proved that an important feature of the formation of positive motivation of students of philological specialties to study the practice of translation is the need for teachers to create in the learning process such conditions that the learning process is as close as possible to their future professional activity. Transformation of educational activity into professional means not just replacement of one type of activity to another, but change of the position of the person which turns the consumer of the information to its recipient.
The usage of a distance course in the discipline “Practical Course of Translation the First Foreign Language” is described. The expediency and necessity of this course usage in the learning process are substantiated.
It is proved that the usage of distance learning technologies for organization of in-depth professionally oriented foreign language teaching provides individualization of the process of becoming a specialist, encourages independent work, forms an information culture, promotes the mastery of information technology to use and obtain professionally oriented information.
Publication type: Стаття у наукових фахових виданнях України
Publication: Сучасні інформаційні технології та інноваційні методики навчання у підготовці фахівців: методологія, теорія, досвід, проблеми: зб. наук. пр. Київ-Вінниця : ТОВ «Друк плюс», 2021. Вип. 62. С. 124-129.
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