The Repository of VTEI
About the Repository
  • The Repository of VTEI is the WEB-resource that is designed to store, classify and search electronic digital content of the university (documents, photos, presentations and so on).
  • All materials in the repository are intended for free use of the international community (except those, that have limitations).
  • All materials that are placed in the repository are aimed at the development of science, education and society.
  • The Repository materials may take up e-learning courses by personal cards from teachers electronic cabinets.
  • Each teacher has the right and opportunity to make his own self-archiving of scientific papers from his "Electronic Personal Cabinet".
  • The repository is administered by the VTEI library, technically maintained by the IT department, used for reporting and monitoring of activities by the methodological and scientific departments of VTEI.
  • The Repository is indexed by internet search engines.
  • Funder Mandate.