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Title: Entrepreneurial decisions in the field of innovation project management
Authors: Hilorme Tetiana, Volik Viacheslav, Slovska Iryna, Bogatska Nataliia, Suprun Svitlana
Keywords: entrepreneurial decision, innovation project, decision tree, strategic matrix, life cycle
Date of publication: 2021-02-18 12:05:01
Last changes: 2021-02-18 12:05:01
Year of publication: 2020
Summary: The alpha-stakeholder scheme for the implementation of innovative projects has
been built, which determines the strategic direction of entrepreneurial decisions. The
use of the “decision tree” method is proposed, which will allow determining the most
acceptable tactics before and during the negotiation process, as well as avoiding
organizational conflicts when introducing projects depending on the stage of the life
cycle. A two-factor matrix of strategies for negotiating between stakeholders during
the implementation of the project has been built on the basis of factors: partnership
and activity to achieve the goal.
Publication type: Стаття Scopus
Publication: International Journal of Management (IJM). 2020. Vol. 11. Is 6. P. 1812-1820,
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