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Title: The use of information technologies in the educational process of a higher school
Authors: Kuzmina O., Radzikhovska L., Yaremko S., Novytskyi R.
Keywords: information technologies, educational process, modern higher education
Date of publication: 2020-12-15 09:17:59
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Year of publication: 2019
Summary: Modern society is characterized by computerization of all spheres of human life, and, in particularly, the educational one. One of the strategic directions of the development of current education system is the widespread implementation of the information technologies into the educational process. The requirement for using these technologies in higher education establishments is caused by the necessity to train specialists who are able to apply their knowledge in terms of a new information society. Therefore, the improvement of the content of modern higher education through the implementation of modern information technologies is a relevant task of the theory and practice of a higher school.
Publication type: Монографія (видана за кордоном)
Publication: Strategies for sustainable socio-economic development and mechanisms their implementation in the global dimension: collective monograph. Sofia : VUZF Publishing House “St. Grigorii Bogoslov”, 2019. Vol. 2. P. 257-266
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