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Title: The communication dimension of activities of public institutions in the digital environment.
Authors: Nikolina I. I., Ocheretianyi V.V.
Keywords: communication, digital communicative interaction, digital transformation, digitalization, digital technologies, digital communications, regional level, local level, digital environment, public communicative practices, improvement.
Date of publication: 2021-05-05 14:42:12
Last changes: 2021-05-05 14:42:12
Year of publication: 2021
Summary: The analysis and assessment of the current state of implementation of public communicative interaction in the digital environment in Vinnytsia region is carried out. The ways of improving public digital communicative practices are substantiated. In particular, it is proved that the changes caused by digitalization significantly affect the communication process in public management. Communication practices in the modern world depend almost entirely on the digital component, which makes it necessary for the state and public authorities to implement digital tools. The communication dimension of the activity of public institutions of Vinnytsia region in the digital environment is carried out. The necessity for improvement of digital communicative interaction by public authorities of Vinnytsia region is proved. The aspects of modernization of communication activities in the digital environment of Vinnytsia regional community are substantiated with the indication of concrete advantages of using the newest technologies of digital communications.
Publication type: Стаття у закордонних наукових виданнях (Copernicus та інші)
Publication: East European Scientific Journal (Wschodnioeuropejskie Czasopismo Naukowe). 2021. № 3(67). Part 3. P. 21-27.
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