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Title: Analysis of some aspects of ukraine`s fiscal policy during the pandemic
Authors: Osipova L.
Keywords: fiscal policy, public debt, surplus, state budget, external financing of public debt
Date of publication: 2021-10-13 13:01:52
Last changes: 2021-10-13 13:01:52
Year of publication: 2021
Summary: The article analyses some aspects of Ukraine`s fiscal policy during the pandemic. The development of the
Ukrainian economy over the last eight years has been studied. The need to move to a tight fiscal policy is shown. It is emphasized that Ukraine`s economy is vulnerable to risks (a large share of increasing foreign currency debt; exchange rate fluctuations, etc.). The analysis of forecasts on the economic development of the economy of Ukraine is carried out. It was emphasized that the main part of Ukraine`s external financing will come the new IMF program. It is shown that in the conditions of global instability and uncertainty the risks for this program are "very big".
The share of public expenditures of Ukraine in GDP is studied. It is shown that Ukraine redistributes a very
large amount of GDP through the government. Gaps in the organization, management and oversight of Ukraine`s
tax and customs systems have been shown to undermine their justice, facilitate corruption and jeopardize public revenues.
Publication type: Стаття у закордонних наукових виданнях (Copernicus та інші)
Publication: Scientific Letters of Academic Society of Michal Baludansky. 2021. Volume 9, No. 1. P. 14-141.
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