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Title: Formation of technologies of communicative competence of students of economic specialties. Формування технологій комунікативної компетентності студентів економічних спеціальностей
Authors: Tymkova V.
Keywords: communication skills; critical thinking; competent specialist; professional activity; economic specialties.
Date of publication: 2022-03-21 13:53:06
Last changes: 2022-03-21 13:53:06
Year of publication: 2022
Summary: The article investigates the search for effective technologies of critical thinking
in the developing communication skills of students of non-language specialties during the study
of the Ukrainian language in a professional direction. The importance of the state language
in ensuring the effectiveness of the process of communication skills development of economics
students is outlined.
It is noted that the leaders of almost all leading countries recognize that ensuring high quality
education is not just one of the ways society responds to the current social situation, but also a way
to change this situation, acting on it not only now but in the future.
It is noted that professional activity is the subject to constant change. Due to this, there are
changes in the requirements for the qualification of specialists and the need to adapt to such
requirements. Businesses need skilled workers to be competitive. Thus, the success
of the organization depends to a greater extent on the level of qualification of employees and
management, ready for continuous training.
It is emphasized that the renewal of all aspects of society poses completely new challenges
to higher professional education. It is necessary that in the process of learning a new type
of thinking, a new style of activity, focused on a more effective solution of industrial, social,
cultural and many other problems. According to the curriculum, teaching should be communicative
and professionally oriented.
The purpose of the article is to master students of economic specialties a high level
of communicative skills, which allows them to use their native language in professional activities,
as well as a description of methods for diagnosing the formation of critical thinking in future
economists. At the same time, the specialist must improve his / her foreign language, be ready
to establish intercultural scientific relations, participate in international conferences, make business
and partnership contacts, which requires knowledge of a foreign language specialists
of economic institutions of higher education.
Publication type: Монографія (видана за кордоном)
Publication: Science and education for sustainable development. Monograph. Katowice : Publishing House of University of Technology, 2022. P. 900–905, 991, 1004.
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