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Title: Verbs in ukrainian and english: markers of syntagmatic correlation
Authors: Ivanytska N.B., Tereshchenko L.Ya.
Keywords: verbs, markers of syntagmatic correlation
Date of publication: 2022-09-29 11:42:12
Last changes: 2022-09-29 11:42:12
Year of publication: 2022
Summary: Current comparative linguistics is considered to be a complex area of study comprising different fields (comparative and historical, typological, universal linguistics, cognitive linguistics). The importance of identifying universals and conceptual distinctions in languages have been mentioned by well-known linguists. Cross-linguistic studies a contrastive perspective have great advantages over other approaches to language comparison.
Publication type: Монографія (видана за кордоном)
Publication: Innovative pathway for the development of modern philological sciences in Ukraine and EU countries : scientific monograph. Riga, Latvia : Baltija Publishing, 2022. Р. 1-26
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