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Title: Innovative approaches to the development of a new sour milk product
Authors: Vlasenko I., Bandura V., Semko T., Fialkovska L., Ivanishcheva O., Palamarchuk V.
Keywords: buttermilk, prebiotics, probiotics, spirulina, technology, model food composition
Date of publication: 2022-11-24 14:37:15
Last changes: 2022-11-24 14:37:15
Year of publication: 2021
Summary: The topic provides an analysis of the current approach to healthy nutrition and represents a new functional fermented milk drink based on buttermilk containing natural prebiotics - a biologically valuable complex Spirulina platensis. The main tasks of the industry as a holistic system for the management and production of food ingredients and products are outlined. The work highlights the requirements for the quality and context of the functional product manufacture, the main criteria for the consumer choice, and positioning of products in the healthy lifestyle system. The topic covers the most common pro- and prebiotics, including strains. The unique food green microalgae Spirulina platensis as a source of biologically valuable components is proposed for industrial application. A technique for the production of the fermented milk drink based on buttermilk and spirulina as prebiotic was developed and scientifically substantiated. The protein contained in buttermilk is characterized by high nutritional value, exhibits functional properties and can significantly affect the quality of the drink. To confirm this, the possibility of using buttermilk with different protein content from 2.9 to 3.2 to improve the structure of the clot in the composition of the drink and the content of spirulina from 10 to 20% was studied. As single criteria for optimizing the prescription composition of the drink at the different protein content of buttermilk used indicators of product quality - acidity, degree of syneresis, organoleptic parameters. The optimal values of the individual criteria are obtained in different ranges of protein content 3 times 1-2-2; sample 2-3.0; sample 3-3.2%, which allows you to get recommendations for the formulation of a new type of drink.
Publication type: Стаття Scopus
Publication: Potravinarstvo Slovak Journal of Food Sciences. 2021. Vol. 15. P. 970- 981
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