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Title: Assessment of the effectiveness of enterprise management components in modern conditions : Оцінювання ефективності складових управління підприємствами в сучасних умовах
Authors: Bokovets V.V., Zamkova N.L., Makhnachova N.M.
Keywords: управління, ефективність управління, інтегральна оцінка, нечітко-множинний підхід, лінгвістичний підхід, бізнес-індикатори, складові ефективності управління
Date of publication: 2023-03-01 16:20:32
Last changes: 2023-03-01 16:20:32
Year of publication: 2017
Summary: The concept and methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of management should be based on the specifics of the research object and the level of development of the institutional environment. The question of the effectiveness of corporate governance is highlighted in the works of J. Gibson, D. Ivantsevich, D. Donnel, B. Miller, D. Leonov, T. Momot, A. Pedkot etc. The process of assessing the effectiveness of enterprise management needs to be considered through the prism of an integrated assessment of the components of management efficiency. To develop a theoretical and methodical approach to the assessment of the efficiency of management of enterprises of the mining complex by constructing integrated evaluation systems.To evaluate the effectiveness of the components of enterprise management, a combination of fuzzy-plural and linguistic approach is used. In order to ensure a high level of adequacy of the results of diagnostics of the efficiency of management, it is suggested that companies use the weighting factors of the significance of individual compositional systems for assessing the effectiveness of management, based on the use of a multi-criteria matrix approach. The use of methodological approaches to assess the effectiveness of enterprise management enables a consistent quality assessment and identification of characteristics of the state of management efficiency in accordance with the quantitative and linguistic estimates of the Harrington scale and to construct a matrix to determine the importance of the components of the efficiency of enterprise management.
Publication type: Стаття у наукових фахових виданнях України
Publication: Науковий вісник Полісся. 2017. № 4 (12). Ч. 2. С. 27-32
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