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Title: Government Tax Policy in the Digital Economy
Authors: Pylypenko O., Matviienko H., Putintsev A., Vlasenko I., Onyshchuk N.
Keywords: tax policy, digital economy, digitalization, taxes, digital platforms
Date of publication: 2023-07-11 14:24:02
Last changes: 2023-07-11 14:24:02
Year of publication: 2022
Summary: The article considers the peculiarities of the formation and implementation of tax policy in the development of the digital economy, reveals current problems, and substantiates the need to change the tax system. The directions of compensation of the reduction of income the labor tax through automation and introduction of artificial intelligence in technological processes are defined and the forms of taxation of digital commerce are offered.
Publication type: Стаття Web of Science
Publication: Cuestiones Políticas. 2022. Vol. 40, № 72. Р. 279-296
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