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Title: Pros and Cons of Student-centered Learning in the War Conditions
Authors: Osaulchyk O.
Keywords: student-centered learning, student-centered teaching, pros and cons, efficient principles, effective implementation
Date of publication: 2024-02-07 10:58:01
Last changes: 2024-02-07 10:58:01
Year of publication: 2024
Summary: The article reviews the actual questions of arranging student-centered learning and teaching in the context of war conditions in Ukraine. It defines the main principles of student-centered learning according to the normative legal documents and the ways to its implementation. The author analyzes scientific works of Ukrainian scientists in the field of theory and methodology for student-centered learning and summarizes its main attributes and requirements. It is emphasized on the necessity of individual path for every student, especially taking into account different psychological states because of war conditions. It is proved that proper student-centered approach can provide efficient results in education, overcome stress and help students solve their inner problems. As the result of the research pros and cons of the student-centered learning have been singled out.
Publication type: Стаття у закордонних наукових виданнях
Publication: Theoretical and empirical scientific research: concept and trends : сollection of scientific papers «ΛΌГOΣ» with Proceedings of the VI International Scientific and Practical Conference, Oxford, February 2, 2024. Oxford-Vinnytsia, 2024. P. 335-339
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