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Title: The role of digital technologies in the transformation of the tourism business: prospects for development and impact on the country's economy
Authors: Chorna N., Korzh N., Kiziun A., Onyshchuk N., Antoniuk K.
Keywords: digitalization of tourism, competitiveness, small and medium-sized enterprises, sustainable development, digital transformation, data protection
Date of publication: 2024-02-25 14:02:13
Last changes: 2024-02-25 14:02:13
Year of publication: 2024
Summary: Digital tourism is becoming increasingly relevant due to global technological innovations and consumer behavior changes. Adaptation to the new realities caused by digital transformation requires in-depth study and analysis of both theoretical and practical aspects of this topic. The modern tourism industry is looking for ways of efficient use of digital technologies to ensure sustainable development and increase competitiveness. The study aims to analyze the impact of digital marketing on tourism development. Modern technologies and their application in the tourism sector are the subject of this research. The methodological framework is based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods. These methods allowed for a comprehensive analysis of the topic under the study. The paper revealed that the integration of digital tools can significantly improve the quality of tourism services and help to adapt to the changing needs of customers. The use of digital technologies in tourism fosters the creation of new business models, expansion of market presence, and optimization of customer interaction.
Publication type: Стаття Web of Science
Publication: AD ALTA. 2024. Vol. 14, № 1. P. 136-140
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